Stones, Shells, and Sand. Photography & Text by Keith R Wahl

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The childlike joy of exploring

Smoky Quartz & Clam Shell

Smoky Quartz & Clam Shell 20230301 850_7285Smoky Quartz & Clam ShellSmoky quartz and a clam shell in the trail of the surf on Narragansett Beach

One of my favorite things to do when I visit the beach is to look for stones, shells and sand that catch my eye. Sometimes, the surf is kind enough to compose them for me. There is something relaxing and satisfying about searching for these natural treasures. It is pleasant admiring their shapes, colors and textures. Sometimes I find a smooth pebble that feels good in my hand. Or I find a shiny shell that sparkles in the sun, or a handful of sand that reveals tiny grains of different hues. I like to photograph some of them and bring them home as souvenirs of my trip. They remind me of the beauty and diversity of nature and the childlike joy of exploring, but with an adult eye and sensibility.

Button Glow

Button Glow 20230301 850_7266Button GlowOn the sand, a small rock wet from the surf gives the appearance of a button near a worn and lined clamshell

Battered Clam Shell, Smooth Stones, and Coarse Sand

Battered Clam Shell, Smooth Stones, and Coarse Sand 20230301 850_7261Battered Clam Shell, Smooth Stones, and Coarse SandA battered clam shell (which has indications that barnacles have been scraped off), and coarse sand composed up Narragansett Beach

Surf & Turf

Surf & Turf 20230301 850_7265Surf & TurfClamshell, mussel shell and a few smooth and rugged stones served up on the shore. One more rugged stone creates a bit of "plate art" when pushed up from the sand

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