Battered Beauty. Photography & Text by Keith R Wahl

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Each with its own story

Beautiful Even if Battered

Beautiful Even if Battered 20230301 850_7281Beautiful Even if BatteredFeshly deposited on Narragansett Beach, a clam shell is veritably battered and bruised as it shows delicate color and texture and holds a small pool of salt water

Battered clamshells cover Narragansett beach

Each one unique, a song out of reach
Some smooth and some cracked, each with its own story
The beauty of the beach, no need to worry
Inner beauty beneath the sand and surf
The beach's secrets lie there, safe, inert
Battered clamshells show a strong resilience
A reminder of the beach's inner brilliance
The sun sets, and the beach is all alone
The battered clamshells remain, still unshown
But the beauty of the beach is still there, inside
It's time for the beach to come alive again.

Details Revealed

Details RevealedDetails RevealedFreshly deposited by the surf, a clam shell has its structure revealed as the lingering moisture and pooled salt water highlights every layer, line, and detail

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