Frolicking Gulls. Photography & Text by Keith R Wahl

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Entertaining vignettes from gulls

Gull Correction

Gull Correction 20230402 850_7636Gull CorrectionAn older gull nipping at the tail and disciplining a younger gull

We learn a lot and have some entertainment watching gulls at the beach. They are so free and happy, flying above the waves and enjoying the breeze. Sometimes we see them frolicking together, like a trio that was chasing and diving in sync. They looked like they were having so much fun.

Other times we see them teaching and learning. Like a more mature gull that was correcting a yearling with a nip of the beak. The young one seemed to listen and follow the older one's lead. What were they talking about?

Gull Trio

Gull Trio 20230492 850_7637Gull TrioA trio of gulls flying along the shoreline

And then there are those who fly together in harmony, like a duo that was gliding side by side. They didn't seem to care about anything else, just the joy of flight. They looked more peaceful and content.

Gulls have their own personalities and relationships. As we watch them, we can find a smile and appreciate life more.


Deux 20230402 850_7638DeuxTwo gulls flying together over the shoreline


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