Divided Whispers. Photopoetry by Keith R Wahl

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Divided Whispers

Divided Whispers 02 20240101 850_8693_displayDivided Whispers 02 20240101 850_8693_displayShells strewn about on a winter afternoon on East Matunuck State Beach, South Kingstown, Rhode Island

Sun-bleached porcelain, cleaved in two,
Whispers of tide on windblown shore.
One cup turned heavenward, pearled with dew,
The other cradles shadows, whispers of yore.

No winter's kiss, no frosted shroud,
Only salt-kissed whispers, riddles asked.
One shell to catch the sun, one veiled and proud,
Two stories in a shell-strewn world unrolled.

So lies the heart, a weathered shell,
Divided dreams, desires at odds.
One yearning for the light, where shadows dwell,
The other, clinging to the tide-washed pods.

But listen close, in whispers of the sea,
A hidden song, a whispered plea,
For both halves to mend, a harmony,
Two hearts united, finding their destiny.

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