Solitary Figures, Starfish and Gordian Knots. Photography & Text by Keith R Wahl

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What I am Working on: Solitary Figures, Starfish and Gordian Knots

Salt-laced Gaze

Salt-laced Gaze 20240101 01 850_8725_displaySalt-laced Gaze 20240101 01 850_8725_displayA lone figure seated on a bench at East Matunuck State Beach, South Kngstown, Rhode Island on a snowless late winter afternoon

As the new year begins, I find myself drawn to the beach, where I can observe the changing seasons and the timeless beauty of nature. I am fascinated by the contrast between the solitude of the human figures and the abundance of life in the ocean. I am inspired by the castaway starfish and the Gordian knots that symbolize the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.

I am working on a series of photographs that capture these themes and reflect my vision of Rhode Island as a place of discovery and inspiration. Rhode Island is not just a place where we encounter things that are familiar, but a place where we can find things that surprise us and spark our imagination. Rhode Island is a place where we can explore the history and culture of one of the first colonies in America, as well as the innovation and diversity of the present day.

My photographs aim to convey the essence of Rhode Island through the use of imagery and poetry. I combine my images with words that evoke the mood and meaning of each scene. I call this style “Photopoetry”, and I hope that it will resonate with the viewers and invite them to share their own thoughts and feelings. Each set of photos displayed here already has a poem to publish at a future date. These really are more than pictures; they are a declaration of who we are. 

I hope you enjoyed this glimpse into my current work and the inspiration behind it. If you want to see more of my Photopoetry, please visit my website Made From RI Gallery or follow me on Facebook and Instagram.  

Post Storm Gordian Pot Warp

Post Storm Gordian Pot Warp 01 20231231 850_8555_displayPost Storm Gordian Pot Warp 01 20231231 850_8555_displayA twisted tangle of lobster pot warp and netting after a storm on Roger Wheeler State Beach, Narragansett, Rhode Island

Castaway Star 

Castaway Star 20231231 02 850_8540_displayCastaway Star 20231231 02 850_8540_displayA starfish desiccated on the wire fram of a ruined lobster trap case ashore in a storm at Roger Wheeler State Beach, Narragansett, Rhode Island

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