Swan Feather's Song. Photopoetry by Keith R Wahl

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Swan Feather's Song

Feather of a Swan

Feather of a Swan 02 20240224 850_9717_displayFeather of a Swan 02 20240224 850_9717_displayA single feather of a swan caught on a sprig among the reeds in the afternoon sun at Salter Grove in Warwick, Rhode Island.

Where salty breezes o'er Warwick's shores do blow,
And Salter Grove expands its verdant glow,
Among the reeds, where sunlight dances free,
A sight did strike, and move my soul with glee.

A swan's white plume, upon a twig did rest,
Like angel's wing, from earthly toil released.
No longer gracing sky, with graceful sweep,
Yet beauty held, in slumber soft and deep.

The chanteuses of the bay, a joyful song,
Did tell of drafts, where once the swan had strong.
But here it lay, at peace, 'midst nature's grace,
A fleeting form, yet leaving not its trace.

For in this feather, lost to wind and tide,
A exemplar lies, for all that doth reside
Beneath the sun. Though fleeting be our days,
In nature's heart, a beauty ever stays.

Ergo let us saunter, with hearts both light and free,
And find in every leaf, and every tree,
A considered song, of life's eternal rhyme,
And know that beauty transcends the bounds of time.

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