Westerly Station: Time and Place. Photopoetry by Keith R Wahl

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Westerly Station: Time and Place

Westerly Train Station Portal

Westerly Train Station Portal 20240219 850_9526_displayWesterly Train Station Portal 20240219 850_9526_displayShadows gently fall across the stucco building of the Westerly, Rhode Island train station; the arched window allows us to view inside to another place and time.

Through panes of crystal, time does bend and blur,
A portal wrought in Westerly's old heart.
Stucco walls, they hold a whispered stir,
Where iron steeds from iron dreams depart.

The arching frame, a brow above the glass,
Reflects the sun in shades of sepia tone.
No harsh electrics cast their glare, alas,
But gaslight flickers on a stage we've known.

Within, a hush hangs heavy in the air,
Anticipation hums, a gentle din.
Velvet seats upon an oaken stair,
Awaiting souls about to journey in.

Brass hatracks gleam, adorned with feathered hats,
Portmanteaus stacked, with leather worn and scarred.
A globe spins softly, where adventure chats,
Of lands unseen, by distant starlight marred.

No plastic trays with tasteless fare abound,
But wicker baskets, laden with delight.
The scent of coffee, freshly ground and profound,
Mingles with steam, a promise of the night.

The clock hand moves, a slow and patient guide,
Toward departure's call, a mournful chime.
A whistle blows, and tears are hard to hide,
As dreams unfold across the tracks of time.

So linger here, at history's gentle door,
And glimpse the world that once these walls enshrined.
A Westerly scene, forevermore,
Where journeys start, and memories unwind.

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