Shells found on the shores of Rhode Island
A Future FossilA Shell For The PocketBuriedIn The SandBushels of OystersBushels of Shucked Oyster ShellsBushels of Shucked OystersCerulean Offering 20230301 850_7262Clam Shell in Swirled PathsClam Shell on the Literal Shore Line 20230301 850_7239Contrasts on the SandElements Of The BeachFlowing Impressions in the Sand 20230301 850_7259Harvesting Shell Growth Markings 20230301 850_7318Partially Buried 20230301 850_7301Pearl of a Scallop ShellPearliness of the Mussel Shell 20230223 850_7152Quahog Shell as a Recent FossilQuahog Shell on the Ebb TideQuahog Shell on the ShoreRegal Quahog Shells