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Moored Boats In Morning Reflection 20211013 850_2177Harbor Seal Resting 20211227 850_3984In The Seal's Wake 20850_3986Bluff Hill Cove Artificial Forest 20220101 850_4474Spiles At The Boat Ramp 20220101 850_4480Evening Fog On The Marsh 20220101 850_4489Evening Fog On The Marsh 20220101 850_4467Foggy Marsh And Clear Waters 20220101 850_4470Foggy Current View Of Great Island Bridge 20220101 850_4486Night Travels Light Array 20220101 850_4510Night Travels In Fog 20220101 850_4496Night Travels 20220101 850_4492Night Travels To South 20220101 850_4499Night Travel View 20220101 850_4503Fire Reflecting Off of Ice 20220220 850_5093Where Coves Form 20220220 850_5068The Courteous Goose 20220213 850_4990The Genteel Goose 20220213 850_4991The Genial Goose 20220213 850_4992Narragansett Beach on a Spring Evening 20220318 850_5480