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Anna C Departing Under Cloudy Skies 20230603850_9522_displayAnna C Departure Under Cloudy Skies 20230603 850_9525_displayAnna C Making Way Under Cloudy Skies 20230603850_9524_displayAnna C Underway Under Cloudy Skies 20230603850_9523_displayBow View in Cloudy Jerusalem 20230603 850_9515_displayEarly Summer at Succotash Marsh 20230603 850_9459_displayEarly Summer Life at Succotash Marsh 20230603 850_9457_displayEarly Summer Nature at Succotash Marsh 20230603 850_9463_displayEarly Summer over Succotash Marsh 20230603 850_9450_displayEast Passage Prestorm 01 20230727 850_2349_displayEast Passage Prestorm 02 20230727 850_2350_displayMouth of Narragansett Bay Prestorm 20230727 850_2288_displayRabbit Seekign Shelter 20230727 850_2339_displayThe Boats of Galilee in the Background 20230603850_9518_displayThe Boats of Jerusalem in the Foreground 20230603 850_9517_display