Castle Hill Light is an active lighthouse located on Narragansett Bay in Newport, Rhode Island. It is an important navigation aid for vessels entering the East Passage, between Conanicut Island and Aquidneck Island. The lighthouse is owned by the United States Coast Guard, but the property is owned by the nearby Castle Hill Inn.

The lighthouse was first built in 1856, but it was destroyed by a storm in 1869. The current lighthouse was built in 1890 and is 34 feet tall. It has a flashing red light that is visible for 10 nautical miles.The lighthouse is a popular tourist destination and is often used for weddings and other events. It is also a great place to go for a hike or to enjoy the views of the bay.Here are some fun facts about Castle Hill Light: The lighthouse was built on land that was once owned by Alexander Agassiz, a famous naturalist. The lighthouse was automated in 1957 and is now operated by the United States Coast Guard. The lighthouse is featured in the opening credits of the TV show "The Gilded Age."
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