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Viewing light and shadow in mathematical mystery of the "Torsion III" sculpture in front of Lippit Hall at the University of Rhode Island campus, Kingstown, RI
Signs Before The Storm 20210821 850_9061Northern Entry In The Dunes 20210722 850_8078Across Rhode Island Sound 20210722 850_8105September's Morning Lotus 20210921 850_0904_Export 1A Dory In The Light 20210926 850_1041_ExportMoonstone In Sunlit Stones 20211002 850_1814_ExportNaturally Composed 20211027 850_2879Moored Boats In Morning Reflection 20211013 850_2177Harbor Seal Resting 20211227 850_3984In The Seal's Wake 20850_3986Bluff Hill Cove Artificial Forest 20220101 850_4474Spiles At The Boat Ramp 20220101 850_4480Evening Fog On The Marsh 20220101 850_4489Evening Fog On The Marsh 20220101 850_4467Foggy Marsh And Clear Waters 20220101 850_4470Foggy Current View Of Great Island Bridge 20220101 850_4486Night Travels Light Array 20220101 850_4510Night Travels In Fog 20220101 850_4496Night Travels 20220101 850_4492Night Travels To South 20220101 850_4499